About Black Seeds Friends

Black Seeds Friends is an initiative of Agricnergy Africa with the aim of helping people live a healthier and fulfilled life.


How We Operate

Our process is simple and seamless. From awareness creation to community service, we provide advisory services on advocating the importance of incorporating black seeds oil in people’s daily diet. The proceeds from our engagement are directed towards our social mission of providing this healing food with some good foods to sick and poor people across every community we operate. The result we hope to see is in seeing unhealthy people becoming healthy, healthy people becoming healthier and everyone on the planet using black seeds oil in their daily meals.


Why We?

  1. Many are dying as result of environmental hazards. According to a WHO report, 2.2 million death occurred in Africa annually as a result of humanly caused environmental related problems, people need to be educated about climate change, as this will make them to be conscious of the environment which is our life support.
  2. Majority are not aware of the potent healing properties of the seed of blessings (black seeds) therefore it’s of an immense necessity to educate people as regards it.
  3. Students living in the remote communities of Nigeria where there’s no access to electricity rely on toxic kerosene lamps to read, students in this communities need to be provided with good reading lamps (solar lamps) as this will facilitate effective learning and reduce problems associated with black carbon emissions on the environment and health.
  4. Everyone faces obstacles in life, tedious life events can make students to lose focus and follow a negative role model that may make develop a wrong mindset like cheating during test, using drugs, prostitution to earn money, alcohol to escape life challenges and all forms of illicit acts There is need to help students find a positive role model that will modelled them a guide to think positively and build their ability to overcome obstacles. Students need to be inspired as this will give them positive energy needed to have a sense of commitment to their community, ability to accept and inspire others and a clear set of values. With a view to building students capacity ,books of inspirational heroes will be distributed to them so as to show them how to overcome a variety of life challenges and encourage a growth mindset in their endeavors.


Our Vision

Our vision is to make significant impacts on people and the environment they live, seeing people more connected to their environment by harnessing the potentials of environmental and human resources for the benefit of humanity.


Mission Statement

Healthy people are productive people and a healthy environment makes a healthy people our mission is to create a healthy environment through:

  • Advocating the importance of incorporating black seeds in people’s diet.
  • Community development program by helping ill and poor people have access to healing foods (black seeds) solar lamps and inspirational books are part of the donations we do while making sure we achieve our social mission.
  • Renewable Energy advocacy by connecting people to their environment through our climate change enlightenment program.